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Voice of Alnasa


The vision of the VOA is to raise men and women globally and locally for maximum performance.As a 21st century organization,VOA addresses realistic,practical and thriving issues in the body of Christ.

What Makes VOA Special?

What makes VOA training special from others is the fact that our participants are allowed to have discussion groups among themselves to foster team work,a vital tool for education.Again each participant upon request is granted the permission to share his/her views as given an assignment to reply via VOA e-mail for blogging(pasting) on our website.

History/Track Record

Since the inception of VOA seminars and motivation(approximately 2yrs ago),hundreds of participants have testified about the effectiveness of the workshops on their lives.Most have recommended the management of VOA to other organizations,including banks.


VOA seeks to give participants quality training skills within the seminars.Again to inspire,among participants the spirit of team work and creativity.

Areas of Operation

VOA concentrates on the following areas of operation, such as;


Training Program


General Motivation

Training Program



General Motivation


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